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On the 4th November 2016, we began sharing a football lay betting strategy with a private beta group.

We had been personally using and refining these bets over the last 3 years and it was the first time we had shared them publicly.

Initially, we opened the beta group up to the maximum 50 members for two reasons.

  1. We wanted to conduct a live, verifiable, trial to prove how profitable these tips were
  2. We wanted to test the impact on the lay prices of having more members betting into these tips


The outcome? We are delighted to say that the live trial has been a huge success on all fronts and we will talk more about this in detail below.

– Performance during 3-month live trial.

The average price of selections pre-launch was 5.63 and after launch it was 5.46

Liquidity and Prices

With the high liquidity and popularity of the betting markets that we are targeting we were very pleased to see minimal impact on the lay prices over the first month.

At the beginning of December, we opened up membership again to allow a further 50 people to join the group who had missed the first opening and who had registered for our waiting list.

Again, we were thrilled to see that the prices held up and that we could comfortably entertain a group of 100 members following our selections. In fact, we have since calculated that we estimate at least 200 bettors could be following our selections with little or no impact.

During the live trial we hit a run of 37 winning bets out 38



Firstly, it is important to note that we have been sharing these selections with nearly 100 people for the last 3 months. In addition to this, we have also proofed every selection to the Secret Betting Club (as we do with our main Football Advisor service), who can verify all of our results.

On to the performance of the live trial – well, we got off to an absolute flyer with 37 of our first 38 lay bets, all being successful.

Quite phenomenal – and even above our own expectations.

At the time of writing, we have now produced 52 bets with 46 winners

  • – Strike Rate: 88.46%
  • – 24.67 units profit after commission (at level stakes)
  • – Average odds 5.44 (around 9/2)
  • – Largest draw-down – 13.85 units

Historical Performance

  • – 3 years
  • – 1,040 bets
  • – 867 winners
  • – 86% strike rate
  • – 228.75 units profit
  • – Average odds of 5.63
  • – Largest draw-down – 21.45 units

Football Advisor Lays – Historial Results – Download Here

– Full Historical Performance of Football Advisor Lays

Nearly 250 points profit from over 1,000 bets – all at level stakes and minus commission


How to Join Football Advisor Lays

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Membership Options

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