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Cheers Jon for the brilliant tips

Cheers Jon for the brilliant tips, I messed up the 2.5pts acca and put arsenal in by mistake, I have ended up with over 58 pts profit from just one weekend of tips.Keep them coming.

Jamie, Football Advisor Member

Welcome to Football Advisor

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Having been a member of Football Advisor for some years, I knew the claims to be 100% true


My views on the trial.

My views may not count for that much, as, having been a member of Football Advisor for some years I knew the claims to be 100% true. I remember, just at the end of the marvelous run, someone had written to you suggesting that you were making it all up.

At that time further places were being offered and anybody that came in then may well have had their doubts.

Services such as yours are all about the long term but this is doubly so when it comes to LAYING.

In a backing service if you are given 4 losers in a row, it can be made up the next day with 4 winners.

Not so, with LAYING. Anyone unfortunate enough to join just before 4 consecutive losers must have wondered how they would recover such a loss and couldn't be blamed if they took a "watching brief" only for a while.

I wish you every success with the service. If it is half as good as Football Advisor, it will do for me.

Billy Stewart, Football Advisor Lays Member

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You are fed up with losing money betting on Football;   think it is too hard to make a profit or just simply wish you could, finally, find a trusted and informed source for Football Betting (and now Horse Racing) that will make you money...

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...this is possibly the best service I've signed up too

"...this is possibly the best service ive signed up to.

Ive doubled my bank 3 times in just over a month.

You've really helped me to get my trading bank back on track..."

Richard K, Football Betting Fan

The best Sports Advisory service I have ever used.

Yes it has been a good weekend, but I must say I was not surprised, This has been far and away the best sport advisory service I have ever used. I have tried many over the years but had become completely disillusioned as NONE of them were successful at all. I had not tried any services for quite some time but decided to give your 7 day free trial a go. That week only returned a small profit but I was impressed with the betting strategy used and the realistic staking plan. I have now been a subscriber for 3 months, all of which have returned a profit. It has also changed my philosophy to football betting and I have not placed a "stupid, ill thought out bet" for quite some time.

Robert Rodger, Football Advisor Member

We have been helping our members Enjoy profitable football and horse racing betting tips since early 2014!

We are a 100% honest, transparent and genuine betting advisory service. Many of our members have been with us since the very beginning and they are our biggest advocates.

Over the years, with feedback from our trusted members our services have evolved to include 9 different betting solutions​ covering Football and Horse Racing, Win bets and Lay Bets, and more.

Whatever your betting style, budget or risk profile, we now have a service (or combination of services) to suit you. You could even create your own ready made betting portfolio!

I have never been involved with such a consistently brilliant tipping service

I was a bit sceptical at first but I took the trial and in the first week I was well in front.

Boxing Day(by which time I had increased my unit stake) exploded with more than 25 points profit but the really awesome tipping came on 17th/18th Jan with more than 35 points profit.

I have never been involved with such a consistently brilliant tipping service.

W. Steward, Lifetime Football Advisor Member

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Football Advisor Prime

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Football Advisor Lays

A unique football lay betting service which has proven incredibly popular.

Excellent strike rate of 85%+, last season it hit 35 winning lays in a row

Since 17/18, a lay the draw service and 'double chance' accumulator tips have been added​

Acca Club

Who doesn't love hitting the bookies with a big odds win?

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Huge winners, Huge fun!

My experience with the service so far has been very positive.

"Hi there. My experience with the service so far as been very positive. The first months results were exceptional and not surprisingly the second month ran at a loss. The month of August could go either way. I like the potential of the service and am hoping it can deliver over a period of six to twelve months. I have no complaints about the emails as they are delivered in a timely fashion. Therefore I am happy with the service and hope it will continue to deliver profits to punters. The points profit so far is still very good over the 10 to 11 week that I have been following it."

Peter Cooper, FA Racing Trial Member

FA Racing

After a hugely successful live trial, up over 88 units in just 3 months - FA Racing went live on the 1st September

I've personally been betting profitable on horse racing for 9+ years

15% ROI and 88% ROC

FA Racing Lays

Currently entering it's 3rd month of its live public trial

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I love the Predictology Platform!

I must admit that I love the Predictology platform, and have created
what I believe is a good system on Away Teams in League Two. Over the
past 10 years, it has produced 163 units of profit at an ROI of 13.1%
with an average odds of 7/2. It has produced 8 winning seasons out of
10. If you would like me to provide you with the full parameters of
the system for your review, please let me know

Liam McCauley, Predictology Member

AH Edge

Asian Handicap only betting service, offered through the awesome Secret Betting Club Community.

High ROI & ROC - very popular service

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Football Mania

Football Mania is offered through the popular Betfan Platform.

Long track record of profit and a great complimentary service to those listed here

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A Great Night!

"A great night, so well done. By the time I got home and saw the email, I had missed the early ones at Epsom (R2), Musselburgh (R3) and Hexham R3 & R4), but got Prince Caspian, so no dramas. Ended up 3.7 units short of your collect."

Shane, FA Racing Trial Member.

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"I have a question concerning the horse racing service which so far has been exceptional. I have subscribed to the trial. Will you be sending an email out to sign up for when it starts in September?"

Pete C, FA Racing Trial Member


I am looking forward to many successful years ahead.

I appreciate your comments about this year's performance. Just like
the stock market, profits never go up in a perfect straight line and
there will always be variances in performance. I am a long term
investor in a number of different asset classes, and your services
will continue to form a part of my sports betting portfolio. I never
look at success over one season, but over 5 or 10, so I am looking
forward to many successful years ahead.

Liam McCauley, Football Advisor Prime Member

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The Home of Profitable Football Betting

Join the 3-5% of punters who profit from betting. We have been generating profits for members for nearly four years with all of our results fully verifiable at numerous sources.

Don't waste another penny on un profitable tipsters. Our claims are backed up by years of results, research and experience, we have 100's of members enjoying regular profits across our services.

Choose the service(s) that is right for you. Everything is set up and ready for you to profit. Simply choose one or more of the services on this page that suit your betting goals, financial situation, betting tastes and risk profile.

We are here for you every step of the way. We run a 100% transparent and honest service. I personally answer every email we receive within 24-48 hours. Go on test us out and send me an email with any questions that you may have...​

Real Bets, Real Profit... Real Fun! We place money on every bet that we advise. You win, we win. I regular share my betting slips with members to prove just that - the winners and the losers!​

Brilliant Shout Jon!

"Brilliant Shout Jon!

Graham Wallbank, FA Racing Trial Member

Wow Impressed!

"Just a quick one to say Wow impressed what a great start to my first day a nice few winners and Caspian Prince at 25/1 each way!"

Gerald Bennett, FA Racing Trial Member

I am very pleased with the results

I have only just started with these campaigns and I am very pleased with the results so far, carry-on like this and I will gladly donate to this cause as well as sign up for your premier service as well.

Keep up the good work!

John Webb, Football Advisor Member

What a start!!!

I have only just started but what a start!! Thank you and here's hoping for the rest of the year Alan

Alan Sims, Football Advisor Member

Glad I stopped paper trading!

Wow, great results Jon. Fortunately am not paper trading your football selections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Hunt, Lifetime Football Advisor Member

Great service, keep up the good work.

Hi all at football advisor

Thanks for a fantastic weekend. Banked well over £400 profit for the second time in a month or so!

Great service, keep up the good work.

Simon in Wilmslow, Football Advisor Member

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25 winners in a row!

I signed up for this service on 7th of November so I missed a few bets the start of the very good run. Also when I began there was an International break so the big leagues were quiet at the time.

Once I signed up I had 25 winners in a row, this obviously is not the norm but part of a very good run. Since I joined on 7/11/2016 until 19/1/2017 I’ve placed 46 bets, 39 of them were winners at an mean price of 5.75 and median price of 5.6 .To date my Return on Capital is 11.3% and my Return on Investment is 25.06%

I was playing for relatively low stakes as is advisable with any new service but will be upping this next month. This isn’t going to make you a millionaire but it certainly is a nice profitable system to have as part of your overall portfolio and I will happily continue to use it.

Shane Keogh, Football Advisor Lays Member

All membership plans of 3 months+ come with our Profit Guarantee!

Simply take up a membership plan to one of our services listed above for 3 months or longer and we guarantee that you will make a profit. In the highly unlikely event that you do not make a profit, we will extend your membership by the same period until you are in profit.

Wish I had joined earlier!

Fantastic. I only joined a few days ago after getting contact from you telling me about this service for months. Wish I had joined earlier.

A big thank you to you

Bill, Football Advisor Member


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are you results proofed and verifiable?

Are all of these testimonials real?

What time do you post selections?

How do I receive my tips

I have a question, how do I contact you?

I have enjoyed doing these lays

I have enjoyed doing these lays and have made a little money> I started with a £100 bank and at £10 lays (for the most part) reached the giddy heights of £357

Ross, Football Advisor Lays Member

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